E-learning and phishing simulation and protection platform has born

After more than a year of development, the new and modern e-learning platform has reached its first commercial release version. The new platform is a completely from-scratch solution, in which we have combined several years of experience gained in providing daily e-learning services to our customers.

Platform - a world-class solution.

Given that this platform is mainly oriented as an export product, its development process took into account the advantages and disadvantages of the most common world-class competing solutions, so we can unequivocally say that our new platform meets and in many respects even exceeds the international quality bar. And we are very proud of that.

But what exactly is e-learning platform so special about? We will try to answer this in this post.

Usability and design

The system is designed with the design and usability guidelines of today's corporate IT solutions in mind, to ensure that the user has as small as possible probability to make mistakes or fail to perform a function. As a result, the system has become so unusually clean and simple that at times it seems to us that we have forgotten something..
In fact, the system can be used practically without the need for training, because to run a combined e-learning and phishing simulation campaign, you have to press a single button and go through a 5 or 6 step process. Of course, we also included a video tutorial just in case.

Smart and efficient e-learning management

In order to make the implementation of the e-learning process as simple, universal and fluid as possible, we separated the concepts - training course (content) and training campaign. Thus, it is possible to create a training campaign on the platform, which can include any training content that is available (purchased) to the customer on the platform. In addition, the training campaign can be infinitely long and repeated for each student once the previous training certificate has expired. The content of the training is fully versionable, allowing new content to be shown within the campaign only to those students who have not yet read the specific content.

Knowledge tests or tests are separated from the training content. This allows you to choose the mandatory application of tests, as well as the process - before or after the training.

Our user management and notification system makes it extremely easy to communicate with trainees, allowing them to be grouped according to customer preferences and sent notifications using various delivery scenarios, both directly (for specific recipients) and dynamically (according to certain shipping criteria).

dePhish: IT security solution

dePhish is an IT security solution that includes several content and functionality elements that are integrated into the platform:

  • Anteractive cybersecurity training content - fun and instructive animated films, easy-to-understand training videos, interactivity and knowledge tests.
  • Automated Phishing Simulation - SMART dePhish Phishing Technology automatically accompanies your IT security e-learning campaign.
  • dePhish button in MS Outlook client - users can "detect" phishing e-mails or participate in the IT security protection process by submitting suspicious e-mails to security specialists.

As you can see, we have begun the transformation from a pure training tool to a cybersecurity protection tool, powered by the active participation of trained staff.

Gaming and competition element or gamification

One of the most significant problems we faced with our clients is the insufficient involvement of employees in training. If the employee is not motivated by the learning process itself, then often motivation can be gained directly from the element of the game - employees often want to be among the winners or at least not among the losers. To this end, we have created elements of games and competitions on the new platform, where users will be able to compete for leadership (both individually and in teams) for leadership positions and receive praise and prizes in public.

Content e-shop

The platform includes a content e-shop where customers can quickly apply for new/additional content or licenses. You no longer need to write emails or call for this purpose.

Compliance with corporate needs

The platform is fully customizable to the client's corporate style (colors, logo, web domain, email server, etc.) and integrates with the client's Active directory services. This will allow customers to secure the service so that their employees do not even feel that they are using an external cloud service.

Commercial management - on another level

From the business point of view, the platform is created for automated and productive work with partners - platform distributors and content authors. It allows you to list in detail and in detail what is needed for the sales and licensing business processes.

Of course, there are still many things that are still being worked on, but we are already very satisfied and proud of what we have done.